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Self control in society, mind, and brain /

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    • Call Number: BF632 .S45 2010
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  • Title:Self control in society, mind, and brain / edited by Ran R. Hassin, Kevin N. Ochsner, Yaacov Trope.
  • Other Author(s):Hassin, Ran R.
    Ochsner, Kevin N. (Kevin Nicholas)
    Trope, Yaacov.
  • Publisher:Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • ISBN:9780195391381 (alk. paper)
    0195391381 (alk. paper)
  • Description:xiii, 555 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • Format:Book
  • Contents:Anterior cingulate cortex contributions to cognitive and emotional processing : a general purpose mechanism for cognitive control and self-control / Marie K. Krug and Cameron S. Carter
    Damaged self, damaged control : a component process analysis of the effects of frontal lobe damage on human decision making / Lesley K. Fellows
    Working hard or hardly working for those rose-colored glasses : behavioral and neural evidence for the automatic nature of unrealistically positive self-perceptions / Jennifer S. Beer
    Control in the regulation of intergroup bias / David M. Amodio and Patricia G. Devine
    Integrating research on self-control across multiple levels of analysis : insights from social cognitive and affective neuroscience / Ethan Kross, Kevin N. Ochsner
    Using the stroop task to study emotion regulation / Jason Buhle, Tor Wager, and Ed Smith
    Motivational influences on cognitive control : a cognitive neuroscience perspective / Hannah S. Locke and Todd S. Braver
    The common neural basis of exerting self-control in multiple domains / Jessica R. Cohen and Matthew D. Lieberman
    Working memory capacity : self-control is (in) the goal / James M. Broadway, Thomas S. Redick, Randall W. Engle
    The dynamic control of human actions / Florian Waszak, Anne Springer, Wolfgang Prinz
    Task switching : mechanisms underlying rigid vs. flexible self-control / Nachshon Meiran
    Unconscious influences of attitudes and challenges to self-control / Deborah L. Hall and B. Keith Payne
    Self-control over automatic associations / Karen Gonsalkorale, Jeffrey W. Sherman, and Thomas J. Allen
    Perish the forethought : premeditation engenders misperceptions of personal control / Carey K. Morewedge, Kurt Gray and Daniel M. Wegner
    The power of planning : self-control by effective goal-striving / Peter M. Gollwitzer, Caterina Gawrilow, and Gabriele Oettingen
    Unpacking the self-control dilemma and its modes of resolution / Arie W. Kruglanski and Catalina KoĢ‹petz
    Conflict and control at different levels of self-regulation / Abigail A. Scholer and E. Tory Higgins
    Getting our act together : toward a general model of self-control / Eran Magen and James J. Gross
    Implicit control of stereotype activation / Gordon B. Moskowitz and Peizhong Li
    Ego depletion and the limited resource model of self-control / Nicole L. Mead, Jessica L. Alquist, and Roy F. Baumeister
    Walking the line between goals and temptations : asymmetric effects of counteractive control / Ayelet Fishbach, Benjamin A. Converse
    Seeing the big picture: a construal level analysis of self-control / Kentaro Fujita, Yaacov Trope, and Nira Liberman
    From stimulus control to self-control : towards an integrative understanding of the processes underlying willpower / Ethan Kross and Walter Mischel
    Self-control in groups / John M. Levine, Kira M. Alexander, and Thomas Hansen
    Justice as social self control / Tom R. Tyler
    System justification and the disruption of environmental goal-setting : a self-regulatory perspective / Irina Feygina, Rachel E. Goldsmith, and John T. Jost
    Teleological behaviorism and the problem of self-control / Howard Rachlin.
  • Series:Oxford series in social cognition and social neuroscience
  • Subjects:Self-control.
  • Notes:Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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